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Our Story

The foundation of kulabud, the start of something beautiful, was created at a time that a little human was growing inside my belly. As a qualified Speech-Language Therapist, and evolving Mom-to-be who had faced the realities of fertility treatment, I was truly inspired to help moms through all walks of life, whether their little one was just a twinkle in their eye or of school-going age. This was the ground on which the “kulabud” concept was developed: “k(h)ula” meaning “grow” in the isiXhosa language, and “bud” symbolising the start of a flower, but also meaning “friend”. It is my hope that you and your child will bloom in the most beautiful manner as we take this journey of growth and development together.

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Why It’s Important to Read with Your Child

One of the most important factors contributing to successful literacy development is whether a child was read to when he/she was younger.

Singing to Your Children Can Help Their Speech and Language Development

Make time to sing with your child. Research shows that there are positive interactions between the development of speech and language, pitch sensitivity, and singing.

Energy and the Placenta

During pregnancy, a whole new organ, the placenta, develops. It takes charge for the exchange of oxygen and nutrients, leaving Mom with a lot more energy. Read more about this remarkable organ which is unique to pregnancy.

Infertility: Too Stressed to Be Blessed?

It is clear that infertility causes stress, but does stress cause infertility? Stress may well be the most influential factor in your infertility story. In my case, it was.

Cake or Broccoli?

If you ask your toddler, “Would you like cake or broccoli?” the answer, 8 times out of 10, will be “broccoli”, according to research published in 2019.

Can My Dog Sense My Pregnancy?

Dogs are extremely intuitive animals and are excellent at reading human body language and behaviour. Is it possible that they can sense pregnancy?

Most Recent Articles


Depending on your geography, a Speech-Language Specialist may be referred to as an SLP or an SLT. SLP vs. SLT – what exactly is the difference?

Preemies and Music
How Music Can Help the Brain Development of Premature Babies

Music specially composed for premature babies can strengthen the development of their brain networks and limit neurodevelopmental delays.

Speech, language and communication
The Relationship Between Speech, Language and Communication

As children grow, changes occur in their speech, language and communication. Let’s see how these 3 terms signify different aspects of development and use.

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